Brenda Baker, Ph.D., LPC

About Brenda Baker

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Educator, twenty-nine-year veteran Brenda Baker’s basic premise is each individual has everything they need within them to live this life fully.

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More about Brenda...

Combining her many years of training and research, Brenda originated an effective and accelerated growth experience with Rocking Chair Rhythms©, a simple idea of connecting and aligning to the inner rhythms of the self. Recognizing inner rhythm, pulse, patterns and cycles can foster change and allow individuals a higher organizing capacity in times of challenge and growth, creating more freedom to be in service and co-creators with others.

In her unique psycho-spiritual approach, she serves as a companion, guide, and advocate for others. The individual is always in the driver’s seat and leads the direction for his/her path in life. Each person is encouraged to discover renewed energy to cope with life experiences and discern the promising possibilities that lie before them.

Brenda has degrees in education, psychology and metaphysics and is able to creatively integrate the fields to draw out an individual’s personal Greatness. Brenda's training and expertise reveals powerful tools and techniques that bring about healing and transformation in order to move forward in life. She blends conscious states, deep inner work, cognitive-based therapies, gentle movement and following the unique song of the heart to lead the greatest wisdom—always found within.